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Living Matrix und Informationsmedizin

26.10.2014 - 09:00 - 17:00
Dr. James Oschman
240.- ganzer Tag
9-12.15, 13.45 -16.30 6 Std.


Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Institute

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.

The science behind the incredible sensitivity of human beings to subtle inputs of therapeutic energy and information

Recent research is explaining how the human body is so remarkably sensitive to subtle energy and information input from the environment. Of special interest to us are the exchanges between your hands and the tissues of the person you are treating as you approach and touch their skin. Here the principle of homeopathic medicine is accurate: small is powerful and less is more. This is the principle of minimal stimulus that can trigger a reorganizing of the entire organism, sometimes referred to as a systemic phase change. The living matrix concept is helpful in explaining how contact at any point on the body surface can deliver energy and information into every part of the organism. But there is much more to the story, and it is focused on the integrins – the molecules that link the connective tissue system with the cytoskeletons of every cell in the body. The integrins are also receptors in a body-wide electromagnetic/photonic signaling network that regulates virtually all cellular processes. We now know how these receptors sense and react virtually instantaneously to very tiny signals from the environment. Envision a network of electromagnetic informational or photonic signaling processes that orchestrate the body, enabling every tissue, cell or molecule to coordinate its activities with the organism as a whole – a process that has been termed Gestaltbildung by Fritz Albert Popp (2003) and systemic cooperation by Oschman (2003). Within cells another means of communication and energy flows is provided by spinning water molecules at the surfaces of the molecular networks of the cytoskeleton. Quantum coherence arises from synchronization of these spins. The emerging quantum perspective helps us understand the nature of consciousness and how intention can have such profound effects. A working hypothesis is that quantum coherence in and between the body’s water systems plays a key role in energy and information transfers. 

Dr. James Oschman wird uns über neuere Forschungen  im Bereich Bioenergie, Komplementärtherapie  und Informationsmedizin berichten.